Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Shared Resource

Contact Information

Email flowcore@georgetown.edu to reach all FCSR personnel.

Director: Karen Creswell, PhD
Office: 202-687-3772
Lab: 202-687-2233

Dan Xun
Lab: 202-687-0215


The Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Shared Resource (FCSR) provides flow cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) in a variety of research applications at Georgetown University.

Karen Creswell, PhD, director of the facility, has extensive experience with flow cytometry and cell sorting including immunofluorescence methods, cell cycle analysis, and sterile cell sorting and is available for development of specific applications. A full-time instrument operator also provides for comprehensive support of this technology. Approximately 50 investigators use this facility annually.


  • Three flow cytometers facilitate efficient utilization of this technology for routine, as well as more complex applications.
    • BD FACSAria IIu is a cell sorter with 375nm, 405nm, 488nm and 633nm laser lines. It is currently configured for 3-laser, 9-fluorochrome sorting and analysis.
    • BD LSRFortessa (2) are analysis flow cytometers configured for 3 laser, 14 fluorochrome analysis.
  • Staining services are also available. Staining for cell cycle analysis and Annexin V apoptosis assay is routine. Other staining and sample prep services can be performed by arrangement.
  • Computer software is available for DNA cell cycle phase analysis as well as a variety of other multiparameter research applications. A site license to FCSExpress 6 (compatible with both Mac and PC) also allows researcher to analyze their own data.


There is a per-hour charge for data acquisition and analysis, plus a set-up fee per experiment.  

Usage GU Academic External Users
Setup $30 $45 $90
Hourly $75 $112 $225
Staining $70 $105 $210

New shared resource facility users must schedule their first experiment with Dr. Creswell. Thereafter, experiments may be scheduled by the instrument operator. It is necessary to schedule experiments in advance in order to obtain a specific day and time.


In all publications that include data derived or methods used from the Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Shared Resource, please acknowledge our resource. The Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Shared Resource is partially supported by NIH/NCI grant P30-CA051008.