Computational Chemistry Shared Resource

Contact Information

Sivanesan Dakshanamurthy, PhD, MBA
Director of CCSR
Telephone: (202) 687-2347
Office: New Research Building E401
Web: Bio:

Infographic depicting connections between data on a computer, molecular data, and human health. Text says "Transforming in-silico to discovery."


The primary mission of the CCSR is to accelerate the development of research projects and molecular therapeutics for Georgetown University members. The CCSR Core Facility provides a wide array of proprietary and commercial services for drug screening, computational-based simulations and modeling of chemical and biological systems. Located on the Medical Center Campus, the CCSR offers specialized expertise to researchers in both academia and the biotech/pharmaceutical industry to:

  • Develop and test hypotheses in silico using novel technologies & strategies before executing costly experiments
  • Reduce the time and costs involved in drug development
  • Provide additional justification for experimental results obtained in the laboratory
  • Aid in the analysis, and communication of results for grant submissions, publications, and presentations to the scientific community.


In your publications that include data obtained from Computational Chemistry Shared Resource, please acknowledge our resource.