Computational Chemistry Shared Resource (CCSR)

Contact Information

Sivanesan Dakshanamurthy, PhD, MBA
Director of CCSR
Telephone: (202) 687-2347
Office: New Research Building E401

Fees and Scheduling

  • The first 1 hour of consulting is free. During this meeting we will discuss details of the project, estimate the level of effort and assess time required for the project completion.
  • We provide services for a different tiered rate or project basis. The rate will be determined based on time, labor, software, computer and other factors involved. The rate will be discussed with the investigators prior starting the service.
  • The drug discovery and screening project demanding significant computer time spanning weeks to months. In this case, we choose a project basis rather hourly rate which is expected to be high cost.
  • Fee-for-service prices are listed on a per hour basis, with the exception of the preliminary data rate. If the CCSR is specifically allocated funds in the proposal budget, then all the costs associated with the generation of preliminary data, as well as assistance in writing of the proposal, are included in the single flat fee.
  • The extent of the preliminary studies will be agreed upon in advance at the discretion of the CCSR Core director. Fee for service estimates of total study costs can be made once the scope of the project is known.
ServiceMinimum Time (hr)Base Rate (per hour)
Academic (GU)
$50 – $125
Academic (Outside GU)
$75 – $175
$100 – $175
Background research
Preliminary data/grant assistance
$250 (min) plus grant budget

Scheduling and Billing

To access CCSR services please complete the Project Request Form.

Should you have questions, please contact CCSR Director Sivanesan Dakshanamurthy.

Idea Elan core management software will be used for scheduling and billing of services.

Operational Workflow

To ensure efficiency and optimal results, resource members interact closely with investigators. In order to utilize the Shared Resource, users will follow this basic operational workflow:

  1. An investigator directs an initial inquiry to CCSR (please see above for request forms and contact information).
  2. An initial meeting is held during which the feasibility of the project and the overall research plan are discussed. The investigator is also notified of the service charges.
  3. Once deemed feasible, all pertinent information including laboratory personnel dedicated for the project and grant/funding account will be provided by the user.