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“Georgetown University recently launched the Called to Be campaign, a $3 billion ambition to advance our university’s commitment to empowering principled leaders and skilled problem-solvers and to strengthening the health and social fabric of communities, worldwide! At Georgetown Lombardi, our advancement of that commitment includes pursuing transformative research and applications in order to more effectively prevent and treat cancers, while eliminating disparities at the individual, community and global levels. This is my passion — I am called to be a change agent.

In the fight against cancer, what are you Called to Be?”

Louis M. Weiner, MD
Director of Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Louis Weiner

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This fund allows the Director to provide financial resources for areas of greatest need, such as funding for pilot research projects or supporting educational initiatives that are not covered by traditional funding sources. In addition, this unrestricted fund provides flexibility to respond quickly to new opportunities and urgent needs.

Georgetown Lombardi’s Institute for Cancer and Aging Research (GLICA) conducts transdisciplinary research aimed at addressing the challenges faced by our diverse aging population, with a focus on achieving health equity for cancer patients and their families. GLICA partners with scientists, clinicians, community leaders and other stakeholders to better understand the needs of older individuals at risk for or with cancer, collaborate in developing solutions that consider patient-reported outcomes, and advance team science. GLICA also aims to make innovative contributions to cancer research by incorporating insights from the biology of aging to guide care and policy to help advance the goal of achieving better health outcomes for older cancer patients and their families.

Pediatric cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi focuses on advancing the understanding of pediatric cancer biology, identifying new therapies and improving the quality of life for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Georgetown Lombardi provides compassionate and state-of-the-art care for pediatric cancer patients through its clinical partner, MedStar Health, while also conducting research to improve treatments and outcomes for young patients. Additional pediatric support programs include art therapy, counseling and patient follow-up.

The Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers at Georgetown Lombardi was founded in 2009 with a $6.75 million seed grant from Jeanne Ruesch in honor of her late husband, Otto. As a global pioneer in GI cancer research, the Ruesch Center aims to provide individualized, curative therapies for every patient. Its unique approach includes advancing science, producing cutting-edge research, and cultivating future innovators. It has established scientific collaborations with over 81 cities and 20 international partners, including the creation of a Global Alliance, resulting in research papers that have influenced treatment across the globe.

The Arts & Humanities Program (AHP) at Georgetown Lombardi promotes cura personalis, or care of the whole person, for MedStar Georgetown University Hospital patients, family members, caregivers, medical staff, students and community members through its programs of music, expressive writing, dance and visual arts. These therapeutic art modalities encourage a creative and constructive response to illness. Classes, workshops, bedside visits, exhibitions, environmental enhancements and educational programs contribute to promoting an optimum life experience for those who encounter and interact with AHP.

The Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research is a multidisciplinary research effort involving scientists and physicians studying breast cancer at Georgetown Lombardi. The center was founded in 1989 as a tribute to Nina Hyde, a former fashion editor of The Washington Post, who challenged Americans to fight back against breast cancer. The center is focused on addressing the high incidence of breast cancer in the Washington, DC, area, and has grown significantly since the early 2000s with over $10 million in annual funding. Donations to the Nina Hyde Center support one of the world’s leading breast cancer research programs and help retain gifted young researchers.

The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention at Georgetown Lombardi aims to provide a wide range of cancer prevention services and resources to patients in the District of Columbia. The center will address four prevalent types of cancer in the region — breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers — and provide education, workshops and programs tailored to the community’s needs. It will also work to remove non-clinical barriers to accessing cancer screening and care, such as transportation, child care and nutrition assistance. The Ralph Lauren Center is a part of the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program, which aims to improve the quality of care and health outcomes of regional populations through clinical trials and research focused on health disparities.

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