Meet Our Advancement Team

You may contact our office at 202-687-2222 to discuss making a gift to Georgetown Lombardi, or reach out directly to the individual whose description best matches your philanthropic interests.

Development Staff

Donald Dunn

Senior Director of Development

202-687-7269 /

Contact Donald about major gifts, gifts to support immunotherapy, membership to the Lombardi Leadership Council, and planned giving.

Justine Weissenborn

Director of Development

202-687-4596 /

Contact Justine about gifts to support the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research, Capital Breast Care Center, and research on bone-marrow transplantation and cancer and aging.

Kristi Augenblick

Associate Director of Development

202-687-2464 /

Contact Kristi about gifts to support the Ruesch Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers, Pediatric Cancer and Prostate Cancer.

Megan Lyons

Assistant Director of Development

202-687-3660 /

Contact Meg about gifts to support leukemia and lymphoma research, non-malignant blood disorders, brain tumor research, or general cancer research.

Alexandria Mann

Development Associate

202-687-2604 /

Contact Alexandria about gifts to support Georgetown Lombardi, and with general questions about giving to Lombardi.

Neal Bliven

Gift Acknowledgment Specialist

202-687-7154 /

Contact Neal about gift acknowledgments and family notifications, and with general questions about giving to Lombardi.

Jocelyn de Guzman

Executive Assistant to Donald Dunn

202-687-7269 /

Constituent Events Staff

Cristy Seth

Senior Director, Constituent Events

202-687-1019 /

Contact Cristy about events in support of Georgetown Lombardi.

Sharon Courtin

Director of Development, Constituent Events

202-687-3866 /

Contact Sharon to learn more about corporate event partnerships and opportunities.

Dorothy Abernathy

Associate Director, Constituent Events

202-687-1377 /

Contact Dorothy to get involved with fundraising auctions benefiting Georgetown Lombardi.

Jaime Fashimpaur

Coordinator, Constituent Events

202-687-4491 /

Contact Jaime to learn more about events in support of Georgetown Lombardi, or to make an event-related gift.