Casey Snyder: Imagining Presence

Painting by Casey Snyder
Casey Snyder, 2016

Casey Snyder: Imagining Presence is motivated by the spatial, pictorial and the tactile. Snyder creates assemblages that flux in-between the personal and public, logical and senseless, theatrical and literal. Fragments become isolated or mutated, shifting our sense of space from familiar to peculiar.

​Using collage and mixed media practices, Snyder plays with the concepts of presence and absence, physicality and indeterminacy. The images and materials are presented outside of their original context and over time develop a logic of their own.

The notion of finding an “edge” or “boundary” is what propels Snyder’s practice. Oil paint, spray paint, acrylic, ink, plastic, rubber, tape, paper and various drawing materials are her methods of creating edges. Using a process of collecting, isolating, and dislodging new images are spun from ones that already exist. Curious figures, machine-like inventions, cutout forms, and abstracted objects become visual islands, which infuse the familiar with the idiosyncratic or unknown.

Casey Snyder: Imagining Presence is sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Program. For more information, please contact, Faculty Director, Julia Langley at (202) 444-7228 or