Microscopy and Imaging Shared Resource (MISR)

Fees and Scheduling

Investigators, once they have completed the mandatory initial training for a given instrument, are then free to book time on the instrument through the Idea Elan portal.  Investigators should contact Peter Johnson (misr@georgetown.edu) to schedule initial training.

Users are billed for the time that they actually spend using the instruments. Training and extended assistance is also billed on an hourly basis, although there is no charge for short (< 15 minutes) sessions with MISR staff to answer questions, help with trouble shooting etc. There is no charge for initial consultations, project planning, and assistance with experimental design and imaging strategy.

MISR Price List (2021)
Instrument/Service/Supplies (DC campus)Rate
Leica SP8AOBS++
High speed live cell confocal, FREG, FRAP, MultiSpectral, FRET
Olympus FVMPE-RS with Diver detector
Multiphoton, FLIM, Multiharmonic imaging, Live-cell and deep tissue imaging.
$20/hour (Investigator-operated)
$80/hour (MISR-operated)
STED – super resolution, FLIM, live-cell imaging
Nikon E600 / Nikon SMZ1500 / Olympus IX-71
Epifluorescence, Stereo and Multispectral
Zeiss LSM 800
LSM confocal, long time-course live cell imaging, cell fate tracking
$20/hour (<8 hours)
$16/hour (8-24 hours)
$12/hour (24-100 hours)
$8/hour (>100 hours)
$5/hour (>200 hours)
Microscopy Assistance
Training, sample prep, imaging/analysis, on-line supervision
Image Analysis Workstation
Metamorph, Volocity, Image J-AIM
Hitachi H7600 TEM
Transmission electron microscopy
Reichert Ultracut E Ultra-microtome
TEM sample prep
Glass Bottom Dishes
12-well Glass Bottom MatTek Plates
Antibody aliquots
DNA construct aliquots
Instrument/Service/Supplies (NJ campus)Rate
Nikon Ti2 A1R Confocal
Confocal Microscopy
Nikon Ti2 w/Hamatsu Digital Camera
Epi-Fluorescence Microscopy
Leica Laser Capture Dissection (LDM6 & LDM7)
Laser Capture Microscopy
Image Processing and Analysis
HP Desktop w/NIS-Advanced Research

Operational Workflow

For all general inquires, feel free to use the Team email: MISRteam@georgetown.edu
For specific inquiries: