Microscopy and Imaging Shared Resource (MISR)

Educational Support

The MISR holds informational lectures and workshops on various aspects of microscopy, image analysis, and related topics.  Past events have included the following:

Workshops and Lectures

Date                           Topic

10/7/2014–10/10/2014          Live imaging and post-imaging IHC

2/23/2015–2/27/2015            Methods for studying mitosis

7/20/2015–7/23/2015            Live imaging organelles Volicity 3D

2/28/2016–3/4/2016              Introduction to the Leica SP8 AOBS

5/9/2016–5/12/2016              FRAP on the Leica SP8 AOBS

6/14/2016–6/16/2016             Interference reflection microscopy

10/12/2016                             Second harmonic and multiphotons

2/23/2017–2/24/2017            Live imaging workshop

5/3/2017–5/5/2017                Imaging with biosensors

9/12/2017–9/14/2017             Colocalization and FRET imaging and analysis

10/17/2017–10/19/2017        Studying mitochondrial features using fluorescence microscopy

3/14/2018                               Imaging Analysis: Power and pitfalls

9/12/18                                   Fundamentals of Image Analysis

10/25/2018-10/19/2018         Fluorescence Imaging with a focus on Exosomes workshop

3/25/19-3/28/2019                Image analysis workshop using MetaMorph or Volocity

3/26/2019                             Multiple uses and capabilities of today’s multiphoton microscope

Personalized training on the use of the imaging platforms is available at any time and MISR members provide initial training to incoming students on the imaging modalities available within the Resource.