Microscopy and Imaging Shared Resource (MISR)

Faculty and Staff


Michael D. Johnson, PhD, Director: Dr. Johnson has primary responsibility for overseeing the MISR and works with investigators to help them apply microscopy and image analysis approaches to their research. He advises users regarding the design of their experiments and the choice of the most appropriate instrument and methodologies for their studies plus identifying and acquiring optimal reagents for their work.  Dr. Johnson has used light microscopy extensively in his research on breast cancer over the past 30 years and has led the MISR since 2012.  Contact Dr. Johnson for general information about the MISR, letters of support for grants, project planning, experimental design, requests for new services, suggestions and comments about MISR services, or use the MISRteam@georgetown.edu address to contact the whole team.

Suman Ranjit, PhD, Assistant Director: Dr. Ranjit serves as Assistant Director for the MISR and works with investigators to apply imaging strategies to their research.  His particular focus is supporting investigators who which to apply multiphoton and phasor-based fluorescence lifetime imaging to their work and assists with experimental design, data acquisition and analysis.  Dr. Ranjit has a very strong background in the design, construction, and maintenance of custom optical imaging instruments, having most recently worked with Dr. Enrico Gratton at the Laboratory of Fluorescence Dynamics at UC Irvine.  Contact Dr. Ranjit about project planning, experimental design, multiphoton imaging, assistance with image analysis, use of the DIVER system, or use the MISRteam@georgetown.edu contact email.

Jan Blancato, PhD, Molecular Cytogenetics: Dr. Blancato supervises the daily operation of and performs fluorescence microscope and imaging experiments for the molecular cytogenetics component of the MISR. She meets with investigators to discuss prospective projects, reviews experimental results and advises on techniques and approaches for future genetic studies. She provides training through formal and informal lectures and laboratory demonstrations and workshops on fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) experiments.  Dr. Blancato is a board-certified clinical cytogeneticist through the American Board of Medical Genetics and a Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics.  Contact Dr. Blancato regarding studies involving FISH, molecular cytogenetics, and similar studies or use the MISRteam@georgetown.edu email contact.

Key Staff

Peter Johnson, MS, Manager: Mr. Johnson serves as Manager of the MISR and is responsible for day to day management of the facility in DC, training investigators on the use of the various instruments, billing for instrument time through Idea Elan, maintaining the instruments and arranging service calls.  Mr. Johnson works with investigators at the start of their studies and is available on a regular basis for advice, training, and troubleshooting.  He helps investigators with image analysis and data interpretation.  He is an experienced electron microscopist and can work with investigators who would like to use the transmission electron microscope.  Contact Mr. Johnson for access to instruments, initial or ongoing training, problems with any of the instruments, billing questions, MISR stocks of cultureware and reagents, assistance with image analysis, or use the MISRteam@georgetown.edu address with general questions.

WenShan Tsao, MS, Manager (NJ): Ms. Tsao manages day-to-day operations of the MISR at the Nutley, NJ campus.  Wenshan received her graduate training in Biotechnology from the National Dong Hwa University and has considerable experience with various aspects of microscopy.  Wenshan is available for instrument training, experimental consultation and troubleshooting with the instruments located in A424.  Contact Ms. Tsao with questions about access to the MISR instruments in NJ, billing questions at CDI, or use the MISRteam@georgetown.edu for general microscopy help.

Benefits and Opportunities of Working Within the Shared Resources

In addition to the many benefits offered to all Georgetown University employees, there are a number of benefits specific to staff of the Shared Resources. Shared Resource directors will work with staff to develop a plan for continuing education and training. Opportunities offered will depend on the workload of the shared resource and the availability of resources but the Shared Resource director will make every effort to ensure that staff receive the education and training needed to move their career along.