Genomics and Epigenomics Shared Resource

Fees and Scheduling

  • Please complete service request form(s) listed below. You will be contacted by the GESR regarding cost and timeline estimates.

Click below to access GESR forms:

Scheduling and billing

Idea Elan core management software will be used for scheduling and billing of services.

Operational Workflow

To ensure efficiency and optimal results, resource members interact closely with investigators. In order to utilize the Shared Resource, users will follow this basic operational workflow:

  1. An investigator directs an initial inquiry to the GESR Director or Manager or completes the GESR Service Request Form.
  2. An initial meeting is held during which the feasibility of the project and the overall research plan including data analysis are discussed. The investigator is also notified of the service charges.
  3. Once deemed feasible, all pertinent information including laboratory personnel dedicated for the project and grant/funding account will be provided by the user through the GESR Sample Submission Form.
  4. Investigator completes the Bioinformatics Support Request Form to have the data analyzed by the GESR (optional)
  5. The data acquired by the GESR are provided to the investigator and/or the GESR bioinformatics group, who performs the data analysis and provides the results to the investigator.