Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource (MCSR)

Authorship Policy

Guidelines for acknowledgement of the support and intellectual contributions of GUMC-Lombardi Shared Resources in publications are described in the SR Publication Policy. The page describes how to acknowledge the grant-funded support of the Shared Resource and how to determine if the contributions merit co-authorship of any manuscripts resulting from the work. In all publications that include data derived or methods used from the Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource, please acknowledge our resource. 

Co-authorship of manuscripts and inventorship in patent applications for MCSR personnel are generally expected as core personnel typically make significant contributions in the form of intellectual input, experimental design, data analysis/interpretation, and visualization of results. Core personnel will provide schemes, figures, tables, and text for the relevant methods, results, and discussion sections. Authors should be given the opportunity to review and edit the manuscript or patent application in the final form prior to submission. In addition, acknowledgement of the MCSR should also be made in any publications that include data generated utilizing core facilities, resources, and/or other type of support.  An example of an appropriate acknowledgement would be: “The authors wish to thank the Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resources at Georgetown University for their contributions to this manuscript”.