Poetry Café

Description of the Poetry Café:

Poetry Café committee members (comprised of staff from the Department of Mission and Pastoral Care and the Georgetown Lombardi arts and humanities program) pose around the podium in the hospital chapel where Poetry Café is held.

The Poetry Café celebrates the healing that comes through the written word as it is spoken or sung. The Poetry Café is full of inspiration, courage, reflection, enthusiasm, and vulnerability.

Above all, this event represents another wonderful collaborative event between the Arts and Humanities Program and Mission & Pastoral Care, which continues to create meaning in the experiences for patients and staff members. In conclusion, the Poetry Café is a very special event for the MedStar Georgetown University patients, caregivers, staff members, and community members – we invite you to join us! Submit your original poem by March 17th, 2023 to Abigail Perelman abp89@georgetown.edu!

Photos from past Poetry Café celebrations:

Quotes from participants:

“I Just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful healing outreach.” – patient

“Thank you all for such a blessed opportunity. It was a healing balm to my soul. I look forward to the next event.” – patient

“I loved the interplay of singing, drumming, and readings. The three created sustained energy for all.” – patient

Articles Featuring the Poetry Café: