Day of Dance 2019

Description of the day:

In October, the AHP held its third Day of Dance led by dancer-in-residence, Alison Waldman, and musician-in-residence, Anthony Hyatt.  

Before the Day of Dance, hospital staff had asked the AHP dancers-in-residence to share their route and timing. The AHP created flyers and posters to help the staff get ready for the big day. This year, we also decided to add a community stretch break in the Lombardi Atrium towards the end of the activity. The publicity and new plan worked out wonderfully.  

The dancers began their movement choir in the Lombardi Atrium, and were almost immediately joined by orthopedic resident physician, Dr. Nick Apseloff. Dr. Apseloff, wearing scrubs and a surgical cap, told the dancers that the Orthopedic Department physicians and staff had voted that he should spend two hours participating in the Day of Dance. Did he have a dance background, we asked? “ No,” he said. But it didn’t matter. Dr. Apseloff was a natural! He learned the dances as he went. As the dancers and doctor moved down the hall, patients and staff joined the movement choir. Dr. Apseloff’s presence gave the Day of Dance both gravitas and levity it didn’t have before he joined. With him, there were many sweet and humorous interactions with patients, caregivers, and staff members throughout the morning. 

When the dancers returned to the Lombardi Atrium, many staff members were waiting to see the Day of Dance finale and join dancer-in-residence, Deborah Riley, in a community stretch break. Dozens of people joined in as the Lombardi Atrium was transformed into a place of music, movement and joy. 

Photos from the day: