Tissue Culture and Biobanking Shared Resource

Instrumentation and Services

Research support available includes:

Tissue Culture Services

ServiceBrief Description
Cell culture and cell bankingThe TCBSR provides assistance with growing, expanding and banking cells. It also assists with shipping and receiving cells to and from collaborators outside LCCC.
Establishing primary epithelial cell cultures from normal and tumor tissues using conditional reprogramming of cells The generation of new conditionally reprogrammed cell cultures allows indefinite propagation of adult mammalian epithelial cells. A large collection of existing cultures is available from the laboratory.
B-cell transformation with EBVThis service has been available at the TCBSR since 1997. The TCBSR was primarily established to facilitate studies on subjects with a genetic predisposition to cancer by providing a limitless supply of cells for genetic studies. Its success rate is greater than 98%.
Repository of established cell linesThe TCBSR maintains a repository of established cancer cell lines (currently 375). An investigator can obtain a frozen vial or a flask with growing cells. A list of available cell lines can be found here.
Cell pelletsPanels of cell pellets from the LCCC collection of established cell lines are available for screening assays to allow investigators to determine if a given cell line will be useful for their studies without having to grow the cells.
Quality control tests for cell lines including cell line authentication and mycoplasma testing servicesThe commercially available PowerPlex 16 System (Promega) is used for cell line authentication. Sixteen loci (15 short tandem repeat [STR] loci and Amelogenin for gender identification) are tested. The loci collectively provide a genetic profile with a random match probability greater than 1 in 1.83E+17. A luminescence-based mycoplasma assay (MycoAlert mycoplasma detection kit from Lonza) is used, which is capable of detecting more than 40 species.
CryostorageSixteen liquid nitrogen freezers are available for investigators to store their reagents. The freezers are checked daily and electronically monitored 24/7 (ciSmart).
Tissue culture reagentsSamples of tissue culture reagents (e.g., fetal bovine serum [FBS] and charcoal stripped serum) from vendors are tested to determine the best lots. Large quantities are then purchased and made available at cost to investigators.
Shared tissue culture space and shared equipment (xCELLigence System, Coulter counter)Three shared tissue culture laboratories that are equipped, maintained and monitored by the TCBSR are available to LCCC researchers. A quarantine laboratory to grow cells of unknown mycoplasma status until verified to be contamination free also is available.

Biobanking services of blood and other biofluid specimens include:

ServiceBrief Description
Processing of specimens (e.g., preparing aliquots of serum, plasma, buffy coat, PBMC), banking, and disbursementProcessing is performed under the guidelines of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources. Aliquots are stored in -80°C freezers with emergency power backup and are monitored 24/7 by a central alarm system (CheckPoint).

Other Services offered by the shared resource include:

  • Advice and guidance on the use and applications of tissue culture techniques and experimental design
  • Training in the basic principles of tissue culture with hands-on experience
  • Training on the safe and proper use of instrumentation
  • Support for the writing of grant proposals and scientific manuscripts

SOPs for sample preparation and service requests

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