Tissue Culture and Biobanking Shared Resource

Fees and Scheduling


Tissue Culture Reagentscontact manager
Cell Requests  (live cells)frozen vials$16.00 (limit 2)
Cell Requests  (live cells)T-25$20.00 (limit 3)
Cell Requests  (live cells)T-75$25.00 (limit 2)
Cell Requests  (live cells)T-175$40.00 (limit 1)
Primary cell lines (non-CRC)frozen vial$41.00
Primary cell lines (non-CRC)T-75$48.00
Primary cell lines (non-CRC)T-175$84.00
Cell Pellets (dead cells, good for DNA and cell lysates)$12.00
Cell Freezing (10 vials)contact manager
Cell Freezing (20 vials)contact manager
CRC Cell linefrozen vial$125.00
CRC Cell lineT-75$260.00
CRC Cell lineT-175$500.00
Swiss 3T3-J2 (feeder cells, irradiated)1.0 ml$25.00
Y-Compound aliquot0.5 ml$5.00
Mycoplasma (normal)$45.00
Mycoplasma (rush)$90.00
DNA/RNA extractioncontact manager
Human Cell Lines DNA Fingerprinting (without DNA extraction)$79.00
Human Cell Lines DNA Fingerprinting (with DNA extraction)$89.00
Mouse Cell Line DNA Fingerprinting (with DNA extraction)contact manager
Primary skin fibroblast culturecontact manager
EBV transformation and cell line developmentcontact manager
IMPACT II testingcontact manager
Use of xCELLingence (including plate)$100.00

Scheduling and Billing