Animal Model Zebrafish Shared Resource

Faculty and Staff


Eric Glasgow, PhD, Director

Dr. Glasgow is the founder and director of the ZSR, the first of its kind in the world to offer full service access to the zebrafish model. He has more than 25 years of experience using the zebrafish model and is broadly trained in molecular biology, developmental biology, genetics and neuroscience. Currently, Dr. Glasgow is focused on developing zebrafish xenograft models to advance understanding of cancer biology, for anti-cancer drug screening, and as a clinical diagnostic tool to inform personalized cancer care. Dr. Glasgow’s publications can be found at

Dr. Glasgow consults with collaborating investigators, develops study-specific zebrafish assays, trains and supervises students and technical staff, and develops new procedures to provide investigators with access to the latest in zebrafish experimental techniques. Dr. Glasgow facilitates interpreting results, writing grants and manuscripts, and compliance with EHS and IACUC regulations. 

Key Staff

Matthew Swift, PhD, Manager

Dr. Swift is the manager of both the ZSR lab and aquatic facility.  He is a Research Instructor in the Department of Oncology and a former student in the Tumor Biology program where he first began using zebrafish as an animal model of development and disease.  Between Georgetown and the NIH, he has 15 years of experience using the zebrafish model in addition to his background in cancer biology and vascular development.  He has developed novel transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines that have had broad implications in the field of developmental biology and cancer treatment.

Dr. Swift oversees the staffing and training of students in the lab and aquatic facility while continuing to conduct research for investigators both at Georgetown and around the world through an on-line storefront.  Dr. Swift is the sole provider of zebrafish CRISPR/Cas9 experiments at Georgetown.  He handles administrative duties for the ZSR and ensures the lab and aquatic facility remain in good standing with all regulatory organizations.

Benefits and Opportunities of Working Within the Shared Resources

In addition to the many benefits offered to all Georgetown University employees, there are a number of benefits specific to staff of the Shared Resources. Shared Resource directors will work with staff to develop a plan for continuing education and training. Opportunities offered will depend on the workload of the shared resource and the availability of resources but the Shared Resource director will make every effort to ensure that staff receive the education and training needed to move their career along.