Biacore Molecular Interaction Shared Resource

Biacore fee structure
ServiceGUMC UsersExternal Users (Academia and Government)External Users (For-profit companies)
Biacore T-200$240/day$480/day$1200/day
Biacore 4000$480/day$960/day$2400/day

Fees and Scheduling

These are the charges for the machine time that includes technical time to run the experiment, perform data analysis and prepare a final report. There are additional charges for specific consumables including sensor chips and specific capture methods other than the amine coupling. Complex experiments generating large amounts of data that require longer time to analyze are charged additional fees.

Scheduling and Billing

  • Internal users should contact the Shared Resource Faculty by email or phone for an appointment to discuss experimental details and to schedule time to run the experiments. External users should contact the Shared Resource Faculty through Science Exchange ( for consultation and scheduling.
  • Idea Elan ( core management software will be used for billing of services to internal users.

Users from outside of Georgetown University, please contact us through Science Exchange.

Operational Workflow

To ensure efficiency and optimal results, resource members interact closely with investigators. In order to utilize the Shared Resource, users will follow this basic operational workflow:

  1. An internal investigator directs an initial inquiry to Dr. Uren or Dr. Tiwari via email or in person meeting. An external investigator directs an initial inquiry via Science Exchange by requesting a quote.
  2. An initial meeting is held to discuss experimental details and alternatives. The investigator is also notified of the service charges and expected run time.
  3. Once all experimental details are agreed, all pertinent grant/funding account information will be provided by the user. External users accept the quote in Science Exchange and process the payment.
  4. Investigator lab delivers specific samples for experiments to the shared resource. Biacore chips and capture kits are available in the shared resource.
  5. Results of the experiment are provided to users in a PowerPoint file via email. Results are usually delivered by the end of next business day after the completion of the Biacore run. Raw data are also available in .txt or .blr formats
  6. We do not provide training for users.