Bioinformatics Shared Resource

Educational Support

Information Dissemination

Since 2012, BISR team members have organized the annual Health Informatics & Data Science Symposium at Georgetown University.  This free one-day event is attended by over 350 researchers,  students and other professionals and showcases advances in the areas of molecular medicine, health data analytics and related state-of-the-art technologies.

On-line Training

In 2017 members of BISR developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Demystifying Biomedical Big Data: A User’s Guide” that has been offered online via EdX and completed by over 8,000 students and faculty worldwide.

Additional in person training workshops based on materials for this MOOC on the same topic of Big Data Resources has conducted for GU faculty and staff.

Graduate Education

In 2019, Faculty and Staff of BISR, together with the ICBI, launched a Master of Science program in Health Informatics & Data Science (HIDS). HIDS is an accelerated, career-ready program, focused on current and emerging technologies. Students will gain competency in health data science, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. The curriculum aligns with the core competencies in medical informatics defined by of the American Medical Informatics Association. HIDS is an industry-driven program, focused on current and emerging technologies that will inform healthcare and is well poised to create a pipeline of top talent of students and trainees for GHUCCTS research as well as educate the next generation of leaders in informatics.

Professional Workshops

BISR offers regular in-classroom and on-line workshops involving hands-on demonstration of bioinformatics and clinical informatics resources and tools, either organized by the BMSR or presented by BISR members. Additionally, we participate in workshops and classroom  presentations for new faculty and graduate students on BISR services and capabilities.

BMSR provides hands-on training modules for faculty and staff for the following topics:

  • TCGA Data Commons
  • Pathway Studio (Elsevier)
  • Cancer Genomics Cloud (Seven Bridges)
  • OPEN CRAVAT (Variant Analysis)
  • Computational Resources for Immuno-Oncology
  • Big Data in biomedical research: a user’s guide
  • REDCap