Georgetown Lombardi Membership

Georgetown Lombardi Membership Criteria

Georgetown Lombardi has two membership categories: Research Member and Research Affiliate. Criteria for each category are outlined below.

Research Members must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) of cancer-relevant peer-reviewed research grants (as defined by NCI guidelines)
  • PI on a cancer-relevant, investigator-initiated or interventional, non-industry-sponsored trial with total annual accrual of at least 5 patients per year.
  • PI of an industry-sponsored trial for which the member was a primary scientific contributor to the trial’s design, implementation, and monitoring
  • Site PI of a multi-site interventional trial initiated by an investigator at another center with annual total accrual of 5 patients per year
  • Team science investigator who plays a significant role as a co-investigator (e.g., Director of a core on a MPI grant)
  • PI on a cancer-relevant training award or other career-development award (e.g., K awardees)
  • Serve in a leadership position in the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) or other cancer-related NIH funded cooperative research group
  • New recruit or investigator in cancer research or researcher active in another field and has gained interest in pursuing cancer-relevant research (3-year appointment)

Research Affiliate Members are actively involved in the LCCC’s overall research efforts and mission, but do not meet the specified criteria for Research Member status.

Affiliate Members will likely be involved in cancer research, patient care, and/or clinical or cancer center administration (e.g., department chairs, division chiefs, or they play a significant role in leading and developing cancer-focused education and training programs), but do not meet CCSG requirements for Research Member.

The role of Research Affiliate Members continues to be integral to the performance of the research program and the cancer center as a whole.

Membership Expectations

All members are expected to contribute to the mission and growth of Georgetown Lombardi through support of cancer center activities.

  • Participation in cancer center events including research program meetings, retreats, seminars, committees, and disease working group meetings.
  • Involvement in the Cancer Center’s education efforts, including appropriate symposia, cancer center curricula for fellows, graduate students and postdoctoral students, as well as undergraduate programs and community education.
  • Communication of research information/progress, clinical trials information/accruals, other support, publications, CVs, and biosketches as requested.
  • Acknowledgement of use of center space, shared resources, and other support from the center in cancer-related publications and presentations.
  • Development of programmatic and interdisciplinary research and clinical services that further the scientific goals and lead to collaborative publications and research grants.
  • Promotion of faculty development opportunities, such as mentorship of a Trainee Associate and proposing career enhancement grant opportunities.

Membership Benefits

All members are provided with information on an ongoing basis, primarily through e-mail and Georgetown Lombardi’s website, about center research events, symposia, educational efforts, funding opportunities, outreach efforts and other activities in support of Georgetown Lombardi’s mission.

In addition, members are entitled to the following:

  • Access to Georgetown University’s Shared Resources, equipment, and allocated cancer center space.
  • Access to shared resources, equipment, and allocated cancer center space at Hackensack Meridian Health.
  • Involvement in Georgetown Lombardi’s consortium-wide collaborative events and opportunities. 
  • Access to administrative support for both grant and clinical trial development and execution.
  • Eligibility for application to pilot and intramural funding offered by Georgetown Lombardi.

Membership Application

Your application will be considered by Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Executive Committee (where the signature of approval would be obtained) and a response returned.

Please fill out the application and, together with a copy of your most recent NIH Biosketch, submit electronically to

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