General Administration

Office of Administration and Financial Analysis

Office of Administration Contact Information

Sharon Levy, CRA

Associate Director of Administration and Planning


Emily Ko

Program Coordinator, Administration

Jayasree Ramachandran

Cancer-Host Interactions Program Coordinator

Vera Fefelov

Metrics and Analytics Coordinator

Carol Herod

Administrative Assistant


Dave Goerlitz

Administrative Director, Shared Resources


Financial Analysis Contact Information

Tanvi Bhargava

Senior Business Manager


Olivia Rochnowska

Senior Financial Analyst


Rojina Subedi

Senior Budget Analyst

Phone #

Mala Dass

Senior Operations Manager of Procurement and Contracts


GUMC Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs

The Office of Faculty & Academic Affairs (OFAA) oversees and guides Georgetown University Medical Center faculty through important career advancement and development processes and programs.

University Information Services

University Information Services (UIS) is the central information technology department at Georgetown. UIS provides technology support for many services.