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A graphic depicting the three specific research aims of the METRO Program. Aims 1-3 are written on the inside of the circle, Cancer Biology, Translational Research, and Minority Focus are inscribed on the outer edge of the circle.
The three specific aims of the METRO Program

Mission Statement

To bring together investigators to leverage mechanistic studies at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center to harness therapies for patients in our catchment area.

Specific Aims

METRO program members focus on three specific aims:

  • Aim 1: Enhance the understanding of genetics, epigenetics, and DNA damage and repair toward unveiling the therapeutic vulnerability of cancer.
  • Aim 2: Utilize immune therapy and manipulation of tumor-host and microbial interactions for cancer care.
  • Aim 3: Translate signal transduction science by small molecule discovery and repurposed drugs directly in cancer therapy.

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METRO Steering Committee

Aim Leaders

Drug Development Liaison

David Perlin
David Perlin, PhD

IIT Liaison

Marcus Noel
Marcus Noel, MD

COE Liaisons

Scott Rowley
Scott Rowley, MD

CRTEC Liaison

Chunling Yi
Chunling Yi, PhD

Specific Aims Liaison

Nagi Ayad
Nagi Ayad, PhD

Program Contact

Christopher Shelton
Program Coordinator

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Several tenure track positions with Georgetown Lombardi are available. See details here.

Watch a movie highlighting Georgetown Lombardi’s zebrafish work:

Zebrafish: Practically People, ​Transforming How We Study Disease is a 10-minute science documentary in which a close-knit group of scientists explain how the simple zebrafish is a largely untapped treasure trove for understanding, treating and curing human diseases.

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