What to Bring

We recommend you bring the following information with you:

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of physicians who you wish to receive a copy of the consultation report.
  • Primary care physician referral, if required by your insurance company.
  • Insurance card.
  • Co-payment if required by your insurance company.
  • Questions for your doctor, notepad or tape recorder. A friend or family member may wish to take notes so you can focus on the discussion.
  • Pathology reports and slides.
  • X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, mammograms; bring reports and films.
  • Medical records describing previous treatments.
  • Copy of most recent lab test results.

All reports should be faxed to (202) 444-7338. If you need assistance by phone please call (202) 444-8329. Do not fax this material to the attending physician.

You may obtain the necessary medical information through your physician's office or by contacting the pathology, radiology or medical records departments in the institution performing the tests or procedures.

Check-in and Registration

Signs at the entrance to the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center will direct you to the appropriate check-in area. Stop any staff member for help with directions if you are unsure where to go.

  1. Check-in at the clinic's reception desk
  2. Complete registration information form and Health History questionnaire
  3. Provide insurance card
  4. Provide referral form from primary care physician if required by your insurance
  5. Provide any co-pay required by your insurance company

Consultation with Attending Physician

Your attending physician has specialized knowledge in a particular area of cancer treatment (i.e., breast cancer, colon cancer, pediatric cancer). After reviewing all of your information and performing a physical exam, your attending physician will discuss recommendations and options for treatment and answer your questions.

You may also meet a number of other members of the Lombardi Care Team.

  • Hematology or medical oncology fellows are vital members of your care team. Fellows are doctors who have already completed residency training, and are currently receiving additional, specialized training in hematology and oncology.
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Medical Residents, Interns or Students
  • Physicians Assistants

Meeting other members of the Lombardi team

There is an entire team of cancer professionals ready to answer questions, provide support and coordinate your care at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. You will meet various members of the Lombardi team, depending on your diagnosis and your particular needs. Learn more about your Lombardi Health Care Team.

Lab Work/Medical Tests

Once your exam is completed your doctor may wish you to have lab work performed. You will be directed to the Lombardi laboratory drawing station to obtain your studies. Once your lab work is completed you will then proceed to the front-desk check-in/out station to complete your visit. Depending on your plan of care, the Clinical Nurse Coordinator may also discuss scheduling additional studies and/or chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Check Out

At the check-in/out station, co-payments and/or co-insurance and encounter forms will be collected. Your next appointment will be scheduled and parking validation may be obtained.