Commemorating a special person with a gift to the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center provides a lasting tribute to a friend, colleague or loved one, and contributes valuable support to the cancer center.

A gift "in honor of" someone is usually made while that person is living, often for milestone occasions such as a graduation, promotion, birth of a child, recuperation or retirement. A gift "in memory of" someone is the term used when the namesake is deceased. All these gifts are referred to as commemorative.

There are many ways to make a commemorative gift. All the financial strategies of planned giving apply, or you may choose to make an outright gift. As is the case with all gifts to Lombardi, you may designate the placement of your gift, and will probably want to choose an area of research important to the gift's namesake.

You may even want to create a fund in someone's name. It may be a one-time fund, or you and others can contribute to the fund yearly. Sometimes these funds are endowed. This means that your gift is invested and only the income will be used. An endowed fund usually requires a substantial gift in order to generate sufficient income. For specific information on endowments, contact the Lombardi Development Office at 202-687-2222.

If you would like to give a commemorative gift right now, you may use your credit card and call 202-687-2222. Or, you may use the Mail-In Gift Form. Cards acknowledging your gifts are sent to you, and to family members or friends of the person you are honoring or memorializing.

The form should be sent to:

Attn: Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center 
Georgetown University
Harris Building
Office of Gift Administration
3300 Whitehaven St. N.W., Suite 3000 
Washington, D.C. 20007