Biostatistics Shared Resource

Fees and Scheduling

The primary service offered by the BBSR is biostatistical and bioinformatics collaboration and consultation with Lombardi research investigators on the design, conduct, monitoring, analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical, basic, translational and population sciences research projects. An important aspect of this service is to provide biostatistical input to all the Lombardi protocols submitted to the Clinical Research Committee (CRC), the Lombardi’s Clinical Protocol Scientific Review and Monitoring System and serve as biostatistics and bioinformatics Co-Investigator(s) on grant applications.

The next, and growing, activity is to provide statistical modeling and bioinformatics support to genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and population studies. For such work to be most successful, BBSR members will need to develop understanding of the underlying science and utilize the most efficient method that address the scientific issue.


Professional Service
GUMC/LCCC Consortium Members
External Users
PhD Statistician
MS Statistician

Scheduling and Billing

Please contact the department at, or 202-687-4114 to arrange an appointment.

For specific inquiries on billing, contact Minnie An, MS by phone (202) 687-4114 or email

BSR is also incorporating Idea Elan core management software  billing of services. In addition to hourly billing, BSR also has established with various units a retainer agreement to cover biostatistics support which is revised annually based on usage in the previous years.

Operational Workflow

To ensure efficiency and optimal results, resource members interact closely with investigators. In order to utilize the Shared Resource, users will follow this basic operational workflow:

  1. Investigators initiate the work by filling out the online Project Request form. She or he will be contacted and connected with a biostatistician within 72 hours: GUMC Service Request Form if you are on the DC campus; or JTCC Service Request Form if you are on the NJ campus.
  2. Initial communications including a meeting is taking place during which the feasibility of the project and the overall research plan are discussed. The investigator is also notified of the service charges and budgetary needs
  3. An estimate of the hours needed for the project will be sent to LCCC and JTCC.CDI for approval
  4. Work begins immediately after approval