Apply Now to be a Contestant in the 2023 Hyundai Hands On Hope Competition to Win a Car

A group of people hold a large check in front of a Hyndai Venue at the Auto Show
A scene from 2020's contest: (left to right) Hyundai’s Kevin Reilly, contestants Emily Maisonet and Dana Hunter, Hyundai Youth Ambassador Carter Gates, contestant Olivia Rebro and Georgetown Lombardi researcher Jeffrey Toretsky, MD

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(January 6, 2023) — Georgetown Lombardi is teaming up with the Washington Area Hyundai Dealers at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show to help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research as part of the Hyundai Hands On Hope contest.

The Hyundai Hands On Hope contest requires hearty contestants to remain in constant contact with a Hyundai vehicle over three days and two nights (with a few breaks), all with the hope of driving away in a brand-new, award-winning 2023 Hyundai IONIQ5.

A view of the Greater Washington Auto Show from above
Thousands of visitors from around the country visit the annual Washington, D.C. Auto Show, which each year hosts the Hyundai Hands On Hope Contest.

This year’s competition runs January 20-22 at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show with a healthy competition between Georgetown Lombardi and Children’s National.

If you’re a Georgetown University employee interested in supporting Georgetown Lombardi pediatric research, we want you to be a part of Team Georgetown Lombardi.

Contestants will be required to remain in contact with the Hyundai IONIQ5 at all times during the contest period, with only 15-minute breaks every three hours. They will be encouraged to bring their mobile devices to share their progress in the contest on social media, while also promoting the vitally important work of their research center. The final person left with their hands on the vehicle will win the car.

If more than one person is still in contact with the vehicle at the end of the contest, all remaining contestants will select a Hyundai key from a bowl. One of the keys will start the vehicle and the contestant with that key will win the Hyundai IONIQ5.

A pediatric research grant for $60,000 from the Washington Area Hyundai dealers will be given to the research center represented by the individual who wins the vehicle. The runner-up center will receive a pediatric cancer research grant for $40,000. Georgetown Lombardi and Children’s National have received, in total, over $5 million in pediatric research grants from Hyundai Hope on Wheels and the Washington Area Hyundai Dealers.

Below, you’ll find an overview as to how the process of entering this contest works. Please take a moment and view some highlights from the 2019 and 2020 Hyundai Hands On Hope Contests and hear from some of the contestants!

How to Enter the Hyundai Hands On Hope Contest

  • Register here to submit your entry for consideration to be part of this fun event! The entry portal is open now and will close on Friday, January 13 at 5:00 p.m. ET.
  • The Washington, D.C. Auto Show will review entries and select three (3) show contestants from Georgetown Lombardi and three (3) show contestants from Children’s National. One or two alternates from each medical center may be selected as well. As part of this selection process, the Washington Auto Show may contact you for further information.
  • Contestants and alternates chosen for the contest will be notified on or before Tuesday, January 17. If selected to participate in this event, hourly paid employees will be paid at their regular wage rate for all hours worked. If any of the hours worked are overtime eligible hours, the employee will be paid at the overtime rate for those hours. Salaried employees selected to participate in this event may have their work schedules modified.
  • Contestants and alternates must be available to be at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show and ready to compete the afternoon of Friday January 20 through the contest and press event conclusion on Sunday afternoon January 20.
  • The 2023 Hyundai Hands On Hope Contest will kick off with a press event at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show at 6 p.m. Friday evening January 20 (contestants will be expected to arrive at approximately 4 p.m. on January 20). The contest will conclude with a press event and the awarding of the Hyundai IONIQ5 at 2 p.m. Sunday, January 22.

Please show your support for Georgetown Lombardi and this great event using #HandsOnHope when on social media! Also tag us on @LombardiCancer and @WashAutoShow.

View full contest rules.