Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Services and Fees


The primary service offered by the BBSR is biostatistical and bioinformatics collaboration and consultation with Lombardi research investigators on the design, conduct, monitoring, analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical, basic science and population science research projects.

An important aspect of this service is to provide biostatistical input to all the Lombardi protocols submitted to the Clinical Research Committee (CRC), the Lombardi’s Clinical Protocol Scientific Review and Monitoring System.

The next, and growing, activity is to provide bioinformatics support to genomic, proteomic and metabolomic studies. For such studies, BBSR members are developing user-friendly databases and web-based tools to aid in preprocessing and analyzing microarrays, two-dimensional gels and mass spectra.

Other areas of effort include:

  • Education of Lombardi investigators in the principles of biostatistics for the planning and analysis of studies,
  • Hands-on demonstration of bioinformatics tools, recommendation of appropriate statistical software for the computing needs of investigators, and
  • Research in biostatistics and bioinformatics on problems arising as a result of research consultations.


Please contact the department at, or 202-687-4114 to arrange an appointment.