Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research Awards

The Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research awards are designed to help launch promising new projects by faculty members so they can obtain preliminary results and compete successfully for national research grants. The grant funds novel basic science, clinical epidemiologic or behavioral research projects that directly support the advancement of breast cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi. The following proposals received awards from the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research.


2012 – 2015

Adhikari, Sanjay
High throughput ready assay development for Tyrosyl DNA phosphodiesterase 2 (TDP2)- a target for chemotherapeutics

Bae, Insoo
Prevention of BRCA-1 associated breast cancer with dietary factors

Cavalli, Luciane
MicroRNA profiling of sentinel lymph node breast cancer metastasis

Haddad, Bassem & MB Martin, P Furth
Role of Calcium Channels in Androgen Receptor Positive but Estrogen Receptor Negative Breast Cancer

O’Neill, Suzanne
Young Women from BRCA1/2 Families: A family History and a Future

Riggins, Rebecca & MB Martin
Nitrite – a Novel Estrogen-related Receptor Ligand that Drives Metabolic Reprogramming in Breast Cancer and Cachectic Muscle

Wang, Judy
Participation and Satisfaction with Treatment Decision Making among Chinese American and Non-Hispanic Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

Glazer, Robert & C Isaacs
PLAC1 as Serologic Biomarker for the Detection of Breast Cancer

Riggins, Rebecca
Targeting Triple-Negatice Breast Cancer: ETS Happening Now!

Shajahan, Ayesha
Racial Disparity, Cellular Stress and Drug Responsiveness in Breast Cancer

2011 – 2012

Sanjay Adhikari, PhD
High-Throughput Ready Assay Development for Tyrosyl DNA Phosphodiesterast 2 (TDP2): A Target for Chemotherapeutics
Mentor: Rabindra Roy, PhD

Luciane Cavalli, PhD, and Yuriy Gusev, PhD
MicroRNA Profiling of Sentinel Lymph Node Breast Cancer Metastasis

Insoo Bae, PhD, Priscilla Furth, MD, Fung-Lung Chung, PhD, Kepher Makambi, PhD, and YB Hong, PhD
Prevention of BRCA1-associated Breast Cancer with Dietary Factors

Tushar Deb, PhD
Studying Correlation Between Pnck Expression and Clinical Response to Trastuzumab in a Cohort of HER-2 Gene Amplified Human Primary Breast Cancer Patient Tissues