New Publication: POU2AF3-rearranged sarcomas: A novel tumor defined by fusions of EWSR1 or FUS to a gene formerly designated COLCA2

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New Publication by Sosipatros A. Boikos, et al.

Gene fusions involving EWSR1 or FUS as the 5′ partner have been reported in a diverse array of sarcomas. Here, we characterize the histopathology and genomics of six tumors harboring a gene fusion between EWSR1 or FUS and POU2AF3, an understudied, putative colorectal cancer predisposition gene. Striking morphologic features reminiscent of synovial sarcoma were observed including a biphasic appearance with variable fusiform to epithelioid cytomorphology and staghorn-type vasculature. RNA sequencing demonstrated variable breakpoints in EWSR1/FUS along with similar breakpoints in POU2AF3 that encompassed a 3′ portion of this gene. For cases in which additional information was available, the behavior of these neoplasms was aggressive with local spread and/or distant metastases. Although further studies are needed to confirm the functional significance of our findings, POU2AF3 fusions to EWSR1 or FUS may define a novel type of POU2AF3-rearranged sarcomas with aggressive, malignant behavior.