Focus on Staff

Optimum patient care begins with medical and support staff who enjoy an excellent quality of life in the workplace. This is the visionary philosophy of The Prince Charitable Trusts, the foundation that provided initial and ongoing support for Arts and Humanities.

To establish the staff morale program, the first step was identifying challenges faced by Lombardi staff. Oncologists suffer high rates of burnout according to research studies. Emotionally demanding work with people with cancer can be tempered by offering avenues of self expression: painting, dance, writing, music, provide moments of creativity, self expression and emotional release. Even though the workday is full, time can be made at lunch, or meetings can be devoted to effective coping strategies that keep staff working at peak performance while minimizing stress.

Brief respites created with a soothing piano performance, a lesson in working with clay, or a drop in stretch movement with music session not only energizes staff, but reminds them that creative pursuits at home and at work really do contribute to an improved sense of well being, and that says the Prince family, ensures that patients are benefiting from highly qualified professionals who are also happy and content.

In the 14 years of staff morale programs at Lombardi, we see the difference, in attitude, outlook, and an enhanced sense of community.