Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Arts & Humanities complement traditional healthcare?

The arts help to:

  • Encourage creative approaches to health and wellness
  • Develop avenues of expression and communication
  • Create a positive life experience within the context of illness
  • Foster personal growth
  • Support and strengthen the team of caregivers.

What types of programs are available?

  • Programs for patients that encourage a self-directed and creative response to illness and healing, introduce coping techniques, and provide a respite from health concerns.
  • Programs for family members that provide support, a sense of belonging, and tools for expression.
  • Education programs that teach the purpose and value of the arts in healthcare.
  • Programs for staff that encourage creative expression, provide intellectual stimulation, reinforce a sense of community, and assist with stress management.
  • Training for artists interested in working in a healthcare setting.
  • Volunteer opportunities for individuals wishing to share their creative talents.
  • Arts resources: journals, sketch pads, paints,
  • Music, literature, and prints for pleasure and productivity.
  • Research to investigate the impact of the arts on health and well-being.

Do I need previous training or experience in the arts to participate?

No previous training is necessary. All programs are designed for beginners and can be adapted for those with advanced skills. The objective is to engage in creative expression at each person’s comfort level.

I would like to support the Arts & Humanities Program at Lombardi with a financial contribution. How do I proceed?

The Arts & Humanities Program welcomes your support. Arts activities are not covered by health insurance. These vital programs are made possible only by generous donations from institutions and individuals who recognize the value of addressing emotional as well as the physical needs of patients and the people who care for them. Artwork on display in the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is available to the public.

For more information to donate or to purchase artwork, please contact the Program Director, Julia Langley, at (202) 444-7228, or email