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Nontherapeutic Studies Shared Resource (NTSR), under the direction of Claudine Isaacs, MD, provides centralized patient recruitment services for nontherapeutic human trials. The NTSR implements a universal protocol and consent which includes collection of core data elements from patients at GUMC with and without cancer. Patients are also consented for collection of biospecimens and tissue, and for future contact for enrollment into specific studies and follow-up. The NTSR also provides services to investigators including data entry and programming, medical record abstraction, and risk assessment counseling. The NTSR works closely with Tissue Culture Shared Resource (TCSR) and Histopathology and Tissue Shared Resource (HTSR) to provide investigators with access to patients and data that can be linked to biospecimen samples as well as tumor and non-tumor tissue.

The NTSR also encompasses the Familial Cancer Registry (FCR), which is an integrated and comprehensive resource of individuals at high genetic risk for cancer and includes detailed demographic data, family history information, medical history, cancer risk factors, tissue from surgeries (benign and malignant), tissue micro-array, and biospecimen, all of which can be linked securely and confidentially to results of genetic testing.

Survey and Data Management (SDM) Core

The Survey and Data Management (SDM) Core within the Non-Therapeutic Studies Shared Resource (NTSR)  provides research investigators at GUMC with a centralized resource with expertise in the data management consultation and services to all LCCC research projects.

This includes pre and post award support on several activities that complement the recruitment and data collection roles of the NTSR Shared Resource.  The roles of the SDM core include the following: 

Advising on survey measures and implementation of surveys in electronic or paper formats
Data abstraction from medical records and tumor registries
Database Management 
Data Cleaning and Preparation
Data Reporting and Preliminary/Descriptive Statistics
CTRP/ OnCore (CTMS) support

Detailed information on SDM Core available here.

SDM Core request form 

NTSR Services

  • Subject recruitment
  • Investigator-specific consent administration
  • Data entry
  • MR abstraction
  • Biospecimen collection
  • Questionnaire completion and subject interviews
  • IRB/protocol development

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Information on services provided, language for grant proposals and IRB protocols available here. Additional information including language for IRB and grant proposal, please see the NTSR intranet page.

For more NTSR information, please contact Erin Carney at or (202) 687-2219.

Educational Resources

We provide lectures to TBIO 546, the Resources for Cancer Research  survey course provided to all Tumor Biology Students. If you need a lecture for your course, or a one-time lecture for your research group or lab, please contact Erin Carney at Erin or 202-687-2219

Tutorial and Best Practices for Protocol and Consent Development
Beth Peshkin and Elizabeth Poggi meet with investigators to review protocol language, review institutional review board (IRB) requirements, standard of care in handling genetic testing results, as well as ethical concerns regarding human subjects research.



In all publications that include data derived or methods used from Nontherapeutic Subject Registry Shared Resource, please acknowledge our resource. The Nontherapeutic Subject Registry Shared Resource is partially supported by NIH/NCI grant P30 CA051008.