Resources for Caregivers

Administration on Aging – Caregiver Resources
Eldercare locator, information for older persons and families, resource directory, etc. The resources on this site are also available in Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, French, and Japanese.

Cancer Care’s Section for Caregivers
Various information about, and for, caregivers such as what does it take to be a successful caregiver, hints for dealing with treatment side effects, emotional issues for caregivers and patients, caregivers and the workplace, and links to online resources.

Caregiver Survival Resources
Information on the cancer survivor series books, organizations, resources, and internet links.

Holy Cross Resource Institute, Caregiver Resource Center

9805 Dameron Drive
Silver Spring, MD
(301) 754-7152
Holds 3 weekly caregiver support groups, a monthly caregiver education program, and holds books and tapes on caregiving and health topics.

Mesothelioma Prognosis Network – Caregiver Resources
Information for individuals, especially seniors, and their families to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.

National Family Caregivers Association
9621 East Bexhill Drive
Kensington, MD 20895
Provides research, education, support, and respite care to caregivers of cancer patients.

Today’s Caregiver Online
Contains information about “Today’s Caregiver Magazine”.

University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
This website offers online information for caregivers including courses offered, cancer news, emotional support links, and sign-up for email discussion groups.

Books and Publications

  • Beresford, Larry. The Hospice Handbook. Little, Brown and Co.; 1993, 165 pages. How to find the right hospice, how to determine eligibility, the right questions to ask, how to get the best care for your money.
  • Caposella, Cappy, and Warnock, Sheila. Share the Care. Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster; 1995, 287 pages. Practical and inspirational guide to setting up support groups.
  • Carter, Rosalynn. Helping Yourself Help Others: A Book for Caregivers. Random House; 1994, 278 pages. Many personal stories explain emotions, medical and family issues. Resource listings.
  • Heath, Angela. Long Distance Caregiving. American Source Books; 1991, 123 pages. Defines caregiving issues, tips for traveling, finding help in the aging network, legal and financial paperwork, care plans, relocation.
  • Karr, Katherine L. Taking Time for Me: How Caregivers Can Effectively Deal With Stress. Prometheus Books; 1992, 179 pages. Personal accounts demonstrate how to renew strength without jeopardizing care.
  • Lustbader, Wendy. Counting on Kindness: the Dilemmas of Dependency. The Free Press; 1994, 206 pages. True stories and quotations explore issues of power and dependency, handling regret, reviving self-esteem.
  • McFarlane, Rodger, and Bashe, Philip. The Complete Bedside Companion. Simon & Schuster; 1998, 544 pages. Chapters explain the health care team, dealing with doctors, essential nursing skills, caring for the caregiver.
  • McLoed, Beth Writogen. Caregiving: The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.; 1999, 259 pages. Narration of her personal experience for caring for her parents.
  • Meyer, Maria M. with Derr, Paula. The Comfort of Home, An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for Caregivers. CareTrust Publications, 1999, 364 pages. Practical, easy-to-follow resource designed to help untrained caregivers understand what help is needed and learn where to find it or how to provide it themselves.
  • Pitzele, Sefra Kobrin. Kind Words for Caring People: Daily Affirmations for Caregivers. Health Communications; 1992, 365 pages. Messages of hope to begin each day.
  • Pollin, Irene, with Golant, Susan K. Taking Charge: Overcoming the Challenges of Long-Term Illness. Times Books; 1994, 255 pages. Sensitively and graphically describes strategies to help patients and families cope.
  • Sankar, Andrea. Dying at Home: A Family Guide to Caregiving. New York: Johns Hopkins University Press; 1991, 257 pages. Making the decision, financial and legal matters, professional caregivers, and caregiver well-being.
  • Sherman, James R. Caregiver Survival Series.
  • Pathway Books, P.O. Box 27790, Golden Valley, MN 55427-0790; 1-800-958-3375; All titles $9.95. Titles include:
    • Preventing Caregiver Burnout (1997) Strategies for retaining vitality.
    • Creative Caregiving (1997) How to work smarter, not harder.
    • Coping With Caregiving Worries (1997) Techniques for conquering common caregiver worries such as fear.
  • Susik, D. Helen. Hiring Home Caregivers: the Family Guide to In-Home Eldercare. Implact Publishers/American Source Books; 1995, 200 pages. Practical guide to hiring competent, reliable, affordable help at home.
  • Today’s Caregiver Magazine. Published 6 times a year/$18. P.O. Box 21646, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335; 1-800-829-2734. Web Site: Helpful information for all family and professional caregivers.
  • Visiting Nurse Associations of America, Caregiver’s Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Health Care. DK Publishing; 1998, pages. Chapters include “Communication”, “Healthy Eating & Drinking”, and “Adapting the Home”
  • Williams, Gene B. and Kay, Patie. The Caregiver’s Manual. Citadel Press; 1995, 366 pages. Chapters on aging, financial and legal matters, family dynamics, how to say good-bye.