The Arts and Humanities Program (AHP) provides "get well" cards to patients, caregivers and family members as they leave Lombardi clinic. These  cards and silly and light hearted, meant to make the receiver happy for a moment and to hopefully be the cause of a smile. No where on the card does it actually read "get well" but rather, the inside may say, "Wishing you a day of smiles and laughter" or "Sending lots of warmth and good vibes your way." Surprisingly, card making has become a big part of the AHP in 2017. We can't seem to keep up with the demand. Patients love the  light-hearted cards. 

All images of the cards above were made by AHP's Program Coordinator, Morgan Kulesza. For more information about the free cards the AHP provides, please contact Morgan Kulesza directly at (202) 444- 1171 or