Meet the Artists


Artists at Lombardi are selected and screened for their artistic ability, teaching style, ability to work as part of the support team, and effectiveness in engaging and supporting Lombardi community members. Several participating artists are cancer survivors and caregivers who have great empathy for those undergoing treatment. All work with people with cancer, their families and the Lombardi staff.

Ann Behrends, a movement specialist and dancer with 30 years of experience in physical therapy.  Anne specializes in using gentle motion to decrease anxiety, validate emotions and feed confidence.

Michelle Berberet, a Word-Art specialist who uses a combination of writing and art making to help patients express themselves.  Patients are invited to create cards, pocket journals, meditation flowers or any number of other creative paper arts.

Nevin Bossart, an experienced painter who has created works of art in the local area and internationally. Nevin has guided innumerable patients, caregivers and medical staff in the colorful art of painting. His pieces can be found throught the Lombardi clinic and in various units of Medstar Georgetown University Hospital.

Carol Caparosa, is dedicated to bringing the joy of knitting and its therapeutic benefits to people facing stressful situations.  Through her non-profit, Project Knitwell, she makes knitting instruction and materials available to patients, family members and healthcare providers throughout the hospital.

Wendy Daniels, a watercolor art instructor who invites patients and caregivers to her table to learn to paint or improve their skills. Wendy offers her lessons in the Breast Health Center and the Lombardi Clinic. 

Miriam Gentle, a therapeutic harpist. By using her instrument to create a cradle of sound, Miriam helps patients relax, reduces anxiety, as well as provides a diversion from pain. Harp music reaches patients in many ways; physically, as the sound affects their body, emotionally, as the music carries them to another place, and spiritually, as they connect with their own inner creativity.

Keira Hart-Mendoza, a movement specialist, yoga and Pilates instructor and dance artist.  She provides gentle stretching exercises, light movement and deep breathing and relaxation exercises for patients.

Anthony Hyatt, a violinist and dancer providing music and movement for patients.  He specializes in working with people who are suffering from physical and cognitive losses.  His playing empowers participants to express themselves and to share their beauty with others. 

Lauren Kingsland, for the patient who wants to use their hands, Lauren Kingsland is available for many forms of "thread therapy" including quilting, sewing, embroidery of all sorts, beading, or tatting. Working in fiber is a tactile experience of color & texture in which soothing small movements of the hands help patients express themselves.

Nancy Morgan, Director Emeritus of the Arts & Humanities Program and a resident writing clinician who teaches patients, families, and caregivers to express their personal journeys using the art of writing.

Cynthia Peng, a classically trained flautist who provides musical interludes for patients and caregivers. Her performances elevate patients from a state of restlessness and anxiety to one of calm and relaxation.

Ilana Silverstein, a movement specialist and dancer who provides relaxing guided imagery for patients, as well as short stretch breaks and trauma sensitive yoga classes. 

Martha Vance, a professional cellist and Certified Music Practitioner who plays at the bedside of patients using the appropriate music for the condition of the patient or resident. The sonorous sound of the cello brings warmth to the sometimes cold and chaotic medical environment. The healing sounds of music can reduce a patient's stress and anxiety, helping to stabilize their condition by lowering blood pressure, stabilizing the heart rate and promoting wellbeing.

Claire Wagner, a knitter with decades of experience. She can teach anyone to make beautiful, tactile, colorful projects with yarn including; scarves, bracelets, head wraps, socks and sweaters.

Tamara Wellons, a singer who uses her talent to bring beautiful, classic songs into patient rooms in order to promote happiness and healing.  Tamara has been singing at MGUH since the summer of 2012 in patient rooms, in the Lombardi Atrium and in the infusion suites.


Special thanks to the members of Lombardi Ensemble Association for Patients (LEAP) whose regular musical performances entertain and inspire the Lombardi community.