The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center conducts research to investigate links between expressive writing and health. Initial studies identify a significant correlation between participants who found writing changed the way they thought about their cancer and improved physical quality of life reported in follow up interviews. Subsequent studies will explore creative catalysts for writing and self expression to demonstrate the role of the arts in quality healthcare.


Lombardi has established an effective writing facilitation program that elicits emotional writing without traumatizing participants, many of whom are struggling with cancer. The director offers training in the Lombardi writing method.


Currently Lombardi publishes an anthology of writing by patients, family, medical caregivers and other members of the Lombardi community titled Lombardi Voices. We will expand the scope of our publications and provide online access.


Contributors to Lombardi Voices are invited to read their work at Lombardi and other venues.


The Lombardi Writing and Health Initiative will convene meetings that enable leaders in the field of writing and health to exchange information about their programs, techniques, publications and research.

Additional Resources

  • Guest speakers address community audiences, covering a variety of topics related to writing, creative expression and health.
  • Patients, family and staff can choose from a variety of writing workshops to experience the health benefits of writing.
  • Writing techniques, prompts, blogs, and program announcements will be featured on the Lombardi website.
  • Writers in Residence will give readings and offer writing workshops for patients, family and staff throughout the year.
  • A library of books and resources related to writing and health is located in the director's office.
  • Outreach programs provide opportunities for current and future medical personnel to explore the benefits of written expression for themselves and people in their care. Assistance will be available to other healthcare and community facilities regarding expressive writing workshops, research and publications.
  • Community collaborations with literary organizations in the Washington area will enrich the work of the Lombardi Writing and Health Initiative and share our findings with the community at large.