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This is an enormous task that has quickly moved beyond the boundaries of conventional medical research paradigms. The G-DOC® infrastructure is complex and requires many components that must be developed and implemented.

Dr. Louis M. Weiner, Director of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer, will direct the project, assisted by an oversight committee with representatives of all critical domains; including policy, ethics, and law. We have identified project leaders for the following areas: infrastructure and security, clinical integration, database construction and integration, molecular studies, statistics and informatics, and clinical applications.

The cost to develop and implement the G-DOC® over the next five years is $51 million. With this funding, we will be able to complete disease-specific pilot research projects in order to provide proof of concept. We seek this funding through a combination of philanthropy and federal research grants. In the current external peer-reviewed funding environment, innovative concepts require early philanthropic support to generate the preliminary data and proof-of-concept that can assure successful competition for federal funds.