This tool was developed using the Groovy on Grails web application framework, and is deployed in JBoss 4.2.3 application server. It runs on JVM, atop industry standard libraries such as Spring and Hibernate. Adobe Flex provides a set of extermemly interactive visualizations, which include a variety of third party plug-ins. The computational analysis routines are run in R on a centralized VM compute node.

Information Security

G-DOC is hosted at the newly built Georgetown University Information Systems (UIS) data center in Laurel Maryland. The UIS Laurel data center provides a highly secure environment for production hosting of enterprise applications. Through the use of both physical and electronic security measures access to the site is strictly controlled. All networked systems within the data center are protected by several layers of electronic measures, including perimeter firewalls and IDS systesm, VLAN configuration, and host based firewalls.

Data center firewalls and secure VLAN's are managed by dedicated UIS Security staff who work in parallel to the Systems Management staff and have a seperate reporting structure. All system access is granted via a centralized authentication system within the University, which is strictly monitored and updated. Additionally, all systems within the data center must pass an architectural security reveiw prior to entering service.