At Lombardi

Ourisman Breast Health Center
The Betty Lou Ourisman Breast Health Center offers physical examination and imaging services by health care professionals who exclusively subspecialize in the breast. Devoted solely to breast health care, these doctors, nurses and technologists — working within steps of each other — provide seamless, confident and accurate medical management of their patients.

Capital Breast Care Center
The Capital Breast Care Center provides navigation and access to culturally sensitive breast cancer screening services, and health and wellness education guided by evidence-based practices to all women in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, regardless of their ability to pay. Located in southeast DC.

Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research
The mission of the Jess and Mildred Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research, established in August 2006, is to conduct state of the art research on the prevention, treatment and management of familial cancers in order to improve the medical and quality of life outcomes of men and women at risk for cancer. Clinical genetic counseling and testing is available for individuals with a personal or family history of cancer.

Additional Resources

Current resources and information about breast cancer screening and prevention is available from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health.