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Other Equipment and Capabilities of the MISR

Equipment and Capabilities:

    • Custom MetaMorph macros for ease of use image analysis. Post image analysis applications include, but not limited to fluorescence intensity and morphometric measurements, angiogenesis, neurite growth, cell counting, and image enhancement.

    • Leitz upright Labovert microscope with Hoffman optics only, DVC 3-chip color camera, Image Pro acquisition software.

    • Antibody and dilution testing on cells by immunofluorescnece to optimize imaging conditions


PLEASE REMEMBER: For funding purposes, it is important to acknowledge the Microscopy & Imaging Shared Resource Facility in all publications that include data derived from the Facility. For Videomicroscopy and Microinjection, this should include the following statement:

"This work was supported in part by the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Microscopy and Imaging Shared Resource funded by U.S. Public Health Service Grant 2P30-CA-51008, 1S10 RR15768-01, 1 S10 RR019291-01A2, and the Carey Lackman Slease Fund."

If you have comments or suggestions, email Michael Johnson, director of MISR at Johnsom@georgetown.edu.