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Equipment (List by Imaging Method)

Equipment (List by Microscope)

Cytogenetics Services

Cytogenetics Laboratory Services Offered:

  • Ploidy analysis with DAPI counterstain
  • Chromosome harvest and ploidy analysis of mouse and human cell lines and primary specimens.
  • Molecular Cytogenetic/Fluorescence in situ hybridization FISH services.
  • Gene Mapping by FISH: BAC clone or cosmid clone mapping to chromosomal band in human and mouse models.
  • FISH analysis of specific chromosome number.
  • FISH analysis of chromosome rearrangements using translocation base probes and whole chromosome probes in cell lines and other samples.

Cytogenetics Equipment and Technical Support

Zeiss Axioskop Fluorescence microscope with 16x and 100x objectives and equipped with Texas Red, Green, and DAPI filters as well as an Applied Imaging Cytovision system for capture and karyotype analysis. This instrument will be made available under the direction of MISR staff.