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Zeiss IM-35 Inverted Microscope System

Zeiss IM-35Zeiss IM-35 Microscope


  • 6.3X, N.A. 0.16, 16X, N.A. 0.35, 40X, N.A. 0.60 for Phase Contrast

  • 20X, 40X for Hoffman Contrast optics


  • Dage 72S black & white CCD video camera

Computer & Imaging Software:

  • Pentium II running Windows XP, 256MB RAM, 13GB Hard Drive, Zip Drive, writable CD-ROM

  • Optimas imaging software version 5.2 is available on the Zeiss IM35 system in W316 Res. Bldg. And on a stand-alone computer in W408 Res. Bldg.

Other Capabilities:

  • An Eppendorf microinjection and micromanipulator are also coupled to this microscope.

  • This microscope is optimized for digital video imaging for motility assays and is equipped with a heated stage.

Other Services:


PLEASE REMEMBER: For funding purposes, it is important to acknowledge the Microscopy & Imaging Shared Resource Facility in all publications that include data derived from the Facility. For Videomicroscopy and Microinjection, this should include the following statement:

"This work was supported in part by the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Microscopy and Imaging Shared Resource funded by U.S. Public Health Service Grant 2P30-CA-51008, 1S10 RR15768-01, 1 S10 RR019291-01A2, and the Carey Lackman Slease Fund."

If you have comments or suggestions, email Michael Johnson, director of MISR at Johnsom@georgetown.edu.