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Nikon Eclipse TE-300 Inverted Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope System

Nikon TE300Nikon Eclipse TE-300 Microscope

General Microscope Information


  • Plan Fluor, 10X, N.A. 0.30, WD= 16.0mm
  • Plan Fluor, 20X, N.A. 0.50, WD= 2.1mm
  • Plan Fluor, 40X, N.A. 0.75, WD= 0.72mm
  • Plan Apo, 60X Oil, N.A. 1.40, WD= 0.21mm
  • Plan Apo, 100X Oil, N.A. 1.40, WD= 0.13mm


  • Prior ProScan Motorized XYZ stage encoder and controller
  • CO2, humidified, 37°C cell culture chamber
  • Live imaging of cells in glass bottom dishes/multi-well plates (MatTek, Delta T or Lab-Tek II systems) or plastic multi-well plates, in fluorescence or transmitted light.

Epifluorescence System:

Filter Cubes:

  • CFP/YFP: CFP (EX=436nm, DM=455nm, EM =480nm)
    YFP (EX =500nm, DM=515nm, EM =535nm)
  • GFP/DsRED: GFP (EX =425nm, DM=460nm, EM =500nm)
    DsRED (EX =545nm, DM=570nm, EM =620nm)

Filter Sets for separate excitation & emission:

  • CFP/YFP: CFP (EX=436nm, DM=455nm, EM=480nm)
    YFP (EX =500nm, DM=515nm, EM =535nm)
  • GFP/DsRED: GFP (EX =425nm, DM=460nm, EM =500nm)
    DsRED (EX =545nm, DM=570nm, EM=620nm)

Light Source:

  • Sutter Instruments DG-4 Xenon lamp fluorescence source

Confocal System

  • Perkin Elmer UltraView/VOX spinning disk confocal
  • 488 and 561 laser lines
  • Hammamatsu L7265122 Cooled 14-bit EMCCD

Computer & Imaging Software:

  • 3GHz Intel Xeon, 4GB RAM, Windows XP, CD/DVD/USB2/eSATA.
  • Volocity (version 5.3.1) image acquisition & analysis software by Improvision.

Via collaboration. Contact Dr. Mueller for information.

PLEASE REMEMBER: For funding purposes, it is important to acknowledge the Microscopy & Imaging Shared Resource Facility in all publications that include data derived from the Facility. For Nikon TE-300 Inverted microscope, this should include the following statement:

"This work was supported in part by the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Microscopy and Imaging Shared Resource funded by U.S. Public Health Service Grant 2P30-CA-51008, 1S10 RR15768-01, 1 S10 RR019291-01A2, and the Carey Lackman Slease Fund."

If you have comments or suggestions, email Michael Johnson, director of MISR at Johnsom@georgetown.edu