Histopathology and Tissue Shared Resource

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The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Olympus BX61 DSU Fluorescent scope with spinning disc confocal, equipped with digital cameras:

    • Brightfield

    • Immunofluorescence filters

      • FITC

      • Cy3

      • Cy5

      • DAPI

    • Z-stack

  • Dual headed microscopes

  • Scanning Qicam Q Imaging Camera on Olympus BX51 microscope for scanning full slides and TMAs

  • ImageProPlus Software package for automated quantification of stained tissue sections

  • Stereomicroscope: Olympus SZX12 with 0.5X and 1.2X objectives and zoom (0.7X-9.0) give high magnification for dissection and examination.

    • Equipped with Olympus DP12 digital camera for imaging

  • Histo Rx microscope system for quantitative immunofluorescence imaging

    • Measure intensity of fluorescence for levels of protein expression

    • Measure subcellular localization