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microRNA Expression Profiling

TaqMan® Array Human MicroRNA set v.3. (Applied Biosystems)

GESR is offering miRNA profiling services using the TaqMan® Array Human MicroRNA set v.3. (Applied Biosystems), enabling a comprehensive expression profile consistent with the latest Sanger miRBase. The highly streamlined workflow, coupled with the high specificity, sensitivity and dynamic range of TaqMan® Arrays, make this system ideal for miRNA profiling of a wide range of biological samples including FFPE tissue and liquid samples. Rodent specific arrays are also available through Applied Biosystems.

The service fee covers the cost of the array and reagents for reverse transcription and real time PCR. The user is responsible for providing total RNA for analysis. For more information on the service and consulting regarding sample preparation please contact David Goerlitz.

Affymetrix Micorarray

The GeneChip miRNA 2.0 Array provides sensitive, accurate, and complete measurement of small non-coding RNA transcripts involved in gene regulation. The array provides100 percent miRBase v15 coverage, all 131 organisms (15,644 probe sets), 2,334 snoRNAs and scaRNAs and 2,202 probe sets unique to pre-miRNA hairpins

Agilent Microarray

Agilent Human microRNA Microarrays generate complete microRNA profiles in order to provide broad insight into human expression and regulation. Array content is regularly updated from the Sanger miRBase 16.0 and human and human viral miRNAs are represented. The arrays provide optimal sensitivity and specificity through a unique probe design method and are available in 8x60K and 8x15K slide format printed using Agilent's 60-mer SurePrint technology. Rodent specific arrays are also available.

For more information please contact David Goerlitz.

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