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DNA Methylation

GESR provides a wide range of tools for DNA methylation analysis such as the following:

PyroMark MD instrument (Qiagen)

  • Gene promoter and total genomic quantitative methylation by pyrosequencing using the PyroMark MD instrument (Qiagen). The PyroMark MD system with Pyro Q-CpG Software (Qiagen, Valencia CA) has been developed for applications that benefit from high-quality and high-throughput analysis of DNA methylation by quantitative sequence-based analysis of multiple, consecutive CpG sites. PyroMark MD is unique in simultaneously providing discrete sequence data for sequencing and genotyping purposes, as well as quantitative information on the relative levels of alleles. It is therefore attractive for high-throughput sequencing of well-defined targets such as SNPs and mutations, as well as the quantitative analysis of DNA methylation.


ABI 7900HT real time PCR instrument (Applied Biosystems)

  • Gene promoter methylation by Real Time Methylation Specific PCR (RT-MSP) in 96 or 384 well plate format using the


Agilent Microarray

  • Genome wide methylation arrays using Agilent microarray


Illumina microarray/Illumina Infinium Human Methylation450 BeadChip

  • Genome wide methylation arrays using Illumina microarray


Illumina BeadXpress VeraCode GoldenGate Methylation Assays

  • Methylation profiling with Veracode technology provides a simplified workflow, high-throughput sample processing, and assay flexibility. A customized panel of 96-384 CpG regions can be profiled simultaneously, and hundreds of samples can be read per day with the BeadXpress Reader. Submit your desired list of CpG regions, and the GESR will help you create successful custom content for multiplexed GoldenGate Methylation assays.


For information on wet lab procedures and assays, contact David Goerlitz or Jeena Mathew.

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