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SNP Genotyping and CNV Analysis

GESR offers SNP genotyping and CNV analysis services through the following platforms:

Real time PCR with TaqMan probes

  • Allelic discrimination real time PCR with TaqMan probes for genotyping of individual SNPs simultaneously in 384 or 96 samples using an ABI 7900HT instrument (Applied Biosystems)
  • Gene copy number variations are determined by real time PCR with TaqMan probes in a similar manner to SNP genotyping.


Illumina BeadXpress

  • The Illumina GoldenGate Genotyping Assay allows to create a custom panels to interrogate 48-, 96-, 144-, 192-, and 384-plex SNP loci/sample in 96 samples simultaneously.


PyroMark MD instrument (Qiagen)

  • Tri-allelic SNP genotyping by pyrosequencing using the PyroMark MD instrument


Affymetrix microarray

  • Genome-wide SNP genotyping using Affymetrix microarray.


Agilent microarray

  • Agilent CGH arrays for CNV analysis


For information on wet lab procedures and assays, contact David Goerlitz.


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