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DNA/RNA Isolation, Plating & Assay Preparation

Qiagen Qiacube

DNA and RNA isolation for most GESR services is available and can be automated using the Qiagen Qiacube. Starting sample materials include tissue, plasma, serum, buffy coat, buccal cells, and FFPE tissue.

Beckman Multimek NXP Robotic Liquid Handler

GESR houses liquid handling robotics systems capable of performing a wide range of tasks including assay preparation by transferring reagents from tubes to 96 or 384 well plates. GESR assists users in preparing experiments that require the simultaneous determination of numerous samples. For PCR based assays, GESR creates arrays on 96 or 384 wells plates by transferring into plates the DNA provided by the user. GESR verifies the quality and concentration of DNA samples by pico-green quantitation, and normalizes sample concentration before transferring the necessary amount into the plate. According to the user's request, plates can be dried and sealed for storage, or assay preparation can take place immediately.

For more information, contact David Goerlitz or Jeena Mathew .


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