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Magnesium, Essential for Base Excision Repair Enzymes, Inhibits Substrate Binding of N-Methylpurine-DNA Glycosylase. Sanjay Adhikari, Jeffery A. Toretsky, Linshan Yuan, and Rabindra Roy. The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 281, No. 40, pp. 29525-29532, October 6, 2006

WT P53, But Not Tumor-Derived Mutants, Bind to Bcl2 Via the DNA Binding Domain and Induce Mitochondrial Permeabilization. York Tomita, Natasha Marchenko, Susan Erster, Alice Nemajerova, Alexander Dehner, Christian Klein, Hongguang Pan, Horst Kessler, Petr Pancoska, and Ute M. Moll. The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 281, No. 13, pp. 8600-8606, March 31, 2006

Identification of The Fibroblast Growth Factor (Fgf)-Interacting Domain in a Secreted Fgf-Binding Protein by Phage Display. Bin Xie, Elena Tassi, Matthew R. Swift, Kevin Mcdonnell, Emma T. Bowden, Shaomeng Wang, Yumi Ueda, York Tomita, Anna T. Riegel, and Anton Wellstein. The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 281, No. 2, pp. 1137-1144, January 13, 2006


N-Terminal Extension of N-Methylpurine-DNA Glycosylase is Required for Turnover in Hypoxanthine Excision Reaction. Sanjay Adhikari, Aykut Üren and Rabindra Roy. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2007, 282(41); 30078-30084


Discrimination of Lesion Removal of N-Methylpurine-DNA Glycosylase Revealed by a Potent Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody. Sanjay Adhikari, Stephen J. Kennel, Gargi Roy, Partha S. Mitra, Sankar Mitra, Rabindra Roy. DNA Repair, 2008 Jan 1;7(1):31-9

Dipole-dipole interaction stabilizes the transition state of Endonuclease-ABasic site interaction. Sanjay Adhikari, Aykut Üren, and Rabindra Roy. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2008, 283(41) 1331-1339

Expression, purification and characterization of codon-optimized human N-methylpurine-DNA glycosylase from Escherichia coli. Sanjay Adhikari, Praveen Varma Manthena, Aykut Üren, and Rabindra Roy. Protein Expression and Purification, 2008, 58(2); 257-262


Small molecule inhibitor that targets EWS-FLI1 interaction with RHA reduces tumorigenesis. Hayriye Erkizan, Yali Kong, Melinda Merchant , Silke Schlottmann , Julie Barber , Abaan Ogan , Tsu-hang Chou, Sivanesan Dakshanamurthy, Milton Brown, Aykut Üren, Jeffrey Toretsky. (In Press, Nature Medicine)

Binding Kinetics and Activity of Human Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1 on Oligo-Deoxynucleotides Substrates. Timothy Jorgensen, Kevin Chen, Sergey Chasovskikh, Rabindra Roy, Anatoly Dritschilo, and Aykut Üren. (In Press, Journal of Molecular Recognition)

Sanjay Adhikari, Aykut Üren, and Rabindra Roy. Excised damaged base determines the turnover of human N-methylpurine-DNA glycosylase. (In press, DNA Repair)