Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research Awards


2012 - 2015

Adhikari, Sanjay
High throughput ready assay development for Tyrosyl DNA phosphodiesterase 2 (TDP2)- a target for chemotherapeutics

Bae, Insoo
Prevention of BRCA-1 associated breast cancer with dietary factors

Cavalli, Luciane
MicroRNA profiling of sentinel lymph node breast cancer metastasis

Haddad, Bassem & MB Martin, P Furth
Role of Calcium Channels in Androgen Receptor Positive but Estrogen Receptor Negative Breast Cancer

O'Neill, Suzanne
Young Women from BRCA1/2 Families: A family History and a Future

Riggins, Rebecca & MB Martin
Nitrite – a Novel Estrogen-related Receptor Ligand that Drives Metabolic Reprogramming in Breast Cancer and Cachectic Muscle

Wang, Judy
Participation and Satisfaction with Treatment Decision Making among Chinese American and Non-Hispanic Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

Glazer, Robert & C Isaacs
PLAC1 as Serologic Biomarker for the Detection of Breast Cancer

Riggins, Rebecca
Targeting Triple-Negatice Breast Cancer: ETS Happening Now!

Shajahan, Ayesha
Racial Disparity, Cellular Stress and Drug Responsiveness in Breast Cancer



Sanjay Adhikari, PhD
High-Throughput Ready Assay Development for Tyrosyl DNA Phosphodiesterast 2 (TDP2): A Target for Chemotherapeutics
Mentor: Rabindra Roy, PhD

Luciane Cavalli, PhD, and Yuriy Gusev, PhD
MicroRNA Profiling of Sentinel Lymph Node Breast Cancer Metastasis

Insoo Bae, PhD, Priscilla Furth, MD, Fung-Lung Chung, PhD, Kepher Makambi, PhD, and YB Hong, PhD
Prevention of BRCA1-associated Breast Cancer with Dietary Factors

Tushar Deb, PhD
Studying Correlation Between Pnck Expression and Clinical Response to Trastuzumab in a Cohort of HER-2 Gene Amplified Human Primary Breast Cancer Patient Tissues