Breast Cancer Research Program

Program Leaders

Robert Clarke, PhD, DSc
Claudine Isaacs, MD

Program Overview

The Breast Cancer (BC) Program at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is home to many of the top breast cancer researchers and clinicians in the United States.

The BC Program is a clinical translational program co-led by basic scientist Robert Clarke, PhD, DSc, and breast cancer oncologist Claudine Isaacs, MD. Dr. Isaacs' focus of study is familial genetics and prevention of breast cancer while Dr. Clarke's expertise is in molecular endicrinology and drug resistance.

Breast cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, which is demonstrated by the 357 cancer-related, peer-reviewed publications that have been produced.

The Breast Cancer Program comprises 24 members representing an interdisciplinary group of basic scientists, translational scientists and clinicians who are involved in studies ranging from preclinical models to breast cancer treatment and outcomes. The Program also includes 10 breast cancer patient advocates. Additional noteworthy features include: a strong junior investigator mentorship program; development of novel investigator-initiated clinical trials across MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center; and outreach and research initiatives among minority communities within our catchment area.

Breast cancer research at Georgetown University consistently ranks in the top 10 worldwide as determined by Thompson Scientific (ISI Citation Index) in its reviews of breast cancer to date.

Breast Cancer Program members focus on three broad themes:

Theme 1: Understanding and testing, in a clinical setting, mechanisms of responsiveness to new methods for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer;

Theme 2: Investigating and identifying nutritional, environmental, and genetic risk factors of breast cancer susceptibility in experimental models and humans;

Theme 3: Exploring clinical, therapeutic, molecular, and social factors that impact the treatment and progression of breast cancer.

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The 2015 Breast Cancer Program members are as follows:

Cavalli, Luciane, PhD
Clarke, Robert, PhD, DSc (Program Leader)
Deb, Tushar, PhD
Furth, Priscilla, MD
Glazer, Robert, PhD
Haddad, Bassem, MD
Herbolsheimer, Pia, MD, PhD
Hilakivi-Clarke, Leena, PhD
Isaacs, Claudine, MD (Program Leader)
Johnson, Michael, PhD
Lynce, Filipa, MD
Martin, Mary Beth, PhD
O'Neill, Suzanne, PhD
Pohlmann, Paula, MD
Riegel, Anna Tate, PhD
Riggins, Rebecca, PhD
Rosen, Eliot, MD, PhD
Shajahan-Haq, Ayesha, PhD
Sheppard, Vanessa, PhD
Swain, Sandra, MD
Upadhyay, Geeta, PhD
Warren, Robert, MD
Willey, Shawna, MD
Yarden, Ronit, PhD